About Vita Herb

About Vita Herb

We established Vita Herb because we believe the path to good health passes through nature. We started in 2002 as a family company, producing herbal tablets according to proven recipes, containing only selected herbs. After a number of studies, in 2004, in cooperation with Capsugel - France, we developed and introduced to the Bulgarian market, products manufactured using the special patented technology LICAPS ™. To date, Vita Herb is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of food supplements in Bulgaria.

We at Vita Herb rely on 4 basic principles:

  • Scientific support - The formulas are based on in-depth literature and research.
  • Close relations with health professionals - partnerships with Bulgarian and foreign specialists from different sectors of medicine.
  • Quality products - The efficiency, purity and safety of the products are the main priority of the brand.
  • Understanding and striving to meet customer needs.

Commitment to quality

The effectiveness of our products and their complete safety are ensured by adhering to the appropriate dosage, ensuring optimal bioactivity and supporting clinical evidence.

Our innovative and exclusive (unique) formulas are developed from natural ingredients that meet the requirements of the new regulations on food additives (European Directive 2006/46 / EC).

We work with certified French laboratories in the production of our products, which follow good pharmaceutical manufacturing practice and meet strict standards of hygiene and safety. Regular inspections during the production process guarantee the consumer the high quality and full traceability of the product.